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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fun Plus-Size Shopping Poll!

Lately I've been shopping like crazy, and it shows no sign of ending anytime. Perhaps it's because of Black Friday, perhaps it's because I feel better about myself, and maybe, just maybe ... learning so much about fat positivity has led me to find some amazing new plus-size clothing stores. Who knew there were so many options available? And when you have new clothes, you of course need new shoes ... and new purses ... etc. etc. It's an endless cycle of gluttony that feels oh so very good ...

So my shopping spree has inspired a new post idea. As much as I sometimes wish I were skinnier just so that I could do simple things like walk into a store and know that something there will probably fit me or go shopping with friends without having to be the awkward one holding the basket and staring at socks. But lately I've been thinking: this stuff I've been buying lately is so cute! It would be a shame if I somehow got too skinny to shop at these fantastic stores ...

I thought it might be fun to do a quick poll: if one day you suddenly woke up a size 8 and couldn't fit into plus-size clothing anymore, which store(s) would you miss the most? Leave your answer in the comments box!

Me first!!!!

Definitely Hips and Curves! It's so much more than a traditional lingerie shop: they offer a mixture of styles from cute to naughty, and all of the stuff I've bought from there is of fantastic quality. They've also got fun costumes, accessories, and even cute little love letters on their website. Plus their sale section can offer some great deals! Honestly ... if I woke up a size 8, I would be very tempted to start binge-eating so I could fit into my stuff again.

Sooooo sexy!

Also ... Kiyonna! Now, I've never actually shopped there because I'm way too poor, but I'm thinking of perhaps buying myself a dress there as a birthday present! The dresses are all classy without being flashy: the essence of style. Honestly, if I owned one of these dresses, I would probably put it on and dance in front of a mirror at least once a week just to see how beautiful I look!

Ooo la la!!!

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  1. I think I would miss the creative challenge of putting together an outfit more than I would miss any particular clothing item. I just wouldn't have these impressive skills of thrifting and reusing if I could buy anything I wanted, so not having that option has been a big part in developing my style. There's sadly no plus size stores in Norway that's worthy of me missing them if I couldn't shop there anymore. It's all so frumpy and expencive, so I don't even do that now! The store I would miss the most if I were to be very thin (fat chance)is Indiska, a Swedish chain that doesn't target plus size shoppers, but still has a lot of fat friendly clothes.

  2. Whoa! That's insane! Even China technically has plus-size stores (whether or not they're any good, I have no idea). I totally admire your ability to be creative! You should show off your outfits sometime!